Sunday, October 18, 2009

Ecclesiastical bibs and bobs
Local edition
  • Nunc vesperæ die dominica in ecclesia sancti Clementis lingua latina sunt. Sunday Vespers at Clem’s is now in Latin. (Like the silent Canon at Mass often is.) If Pope Benedict has their back, with a lot of legal legerdemain and a ton of money to pay off the Episcopalians this could be the RC national parish it should be. (Also English Anglo-Catholicism’s only future as something Catholic and as a distinctive group.)
  • Weekly Sung Mass comes to Italian Market church.
  • Dismantling has begun at ex-Transfiguration, 56th and Cedar.
  • The Episcopal church practically in my back yard closed last week. A place about as old as the town, right in the heart of it, with a charming building of course. The late Bishop Manning of New York was once rector. More.

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