Friday, October 16, 2009

From Joshua
  • What hath Vienna to do with Colorado Springs? Libertarianism and Christianity.
  • The Austrian challenge to RC social theologians. To put it bluntly, the state does not and cannot possess sufficient information to pull off economic and social equality. True and today one has to ask, ‘What do you mean by “equality”?’ Equal worth before God and equal opportunity, yes; equal outcomes regardless of merit, no. Joshua: The themes of Catholic Social Teaching are laudable, but why is it that the State is seen as the de facto agent to carry them out? Not only Protestant and protestantised social-gospellers but many orthodox from the late Anglo-Catholic movement’s slum priests to the reigning Holy Father make this mistake.
  • An appreciation of Jerry Brown. A true independent thinker. Governor Brown was much more of a fiscal conservative than Governor Reagan... [his] combination of fiscal austerity and social tolerance might seem libertarian. Jerry Brown is an intelligent man with a genuine love of ideas. If he’s more likely than most politicians to say something deeply silly, he’s also more likely to say something deeply right. His derisive nickname came from his idea for California to launch a communications satellite, hardly a flaky idea.
  • Meanwhile the fake peace president approves 13,000 more soldiers for Afghanistan.

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