Wednesday, October 28, 2009

How St Pius X changed the Roman Breviary
From TNLM via Derek

I can’t complain really as it’s not one of my usual choices of:
And if it were I’d be fine with the simplified 1960 rubrics (‘the new Breviary’). The Diurnal’s (more) a good fit: small, handy, more challenging than the Little Office and not as complicated as the full Roman Breviary (simpler saints’ calendar as well).
DEUS, qui nos per beátos Apóstolos tuos Simónem et Judam ad agnitiónem tui nóminis veníre tribuísti : da nobis eórum glóriam sempitérnam et proficiéndo celebráre, et celebrándo profícere. Per Dóminum et c.
Translation and the rest of the day’s Roman Breviary office here.


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