Monday, October 05, 2009

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You can no more get a religion out of a book than you can build a DVD player using the consumer instructional manual. To think as a human being is to think in a context, and not even Muslims treat the Koran the same way that modern Protestants think of the Bible; as some sort of key to an individualistic, bourgeois religion.

In the U.S.... most people believe in God in some vague way, and many are still Christian.
More nothingarians than before but not as many as in Europe, and lots of ‘spiritual not religious’, an endgame of Protestantism where logically the trappings of church without their reality just go away.
But dig deeper, and you will find three tendencies of Christianity: a variation of the “wealth and prosperity” Gospel (the Purpose Driven Life stuff), a suburban religion of “decent folk” who go to church... and the “signs and wonders” crowd. They won’t care much about Calvin or Luther, justification or even denominational divides. They will care only for the wanderings of the Spirit and catching His life-giving breath: the menace of Joachim di Fiore redivivus.

What we have in this new “religiosity” is a system where the miraculous is all there is, with no recourse to tradition or history, intellectual rigour or the wisdom of the ages; a faith that is amorphous in what it believes except for a vague love for the Bible and “clean living”.

That is not to say that I think that these people are right, on the contrary. I think this phenomenon is at best annoying and at worst sinister.

The Christians who read this blog I do not think are included in any of these categories. You care about history, you care about what people believed a hundred years ago, and therefore your voice... is becoming less and less relevant. We are merely barking into the wind here, and barring God’s miraculous intervention (not on par with putting gold caps on my teeth), that is the future we are facing.
I try not to be as glum but he’s realistic, spot-on that this is part of what, for example, Pope Benedict is up against.

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