Monday, October 26, 2009

Rosemont and Pope Benedict’s offer
The NYT on a long-running local story (use bugmenot to get in). I’ve long been happily acquainted with Good Shepherd, Rosemont. (I was at Bishop Moyer’s consecration.) But isn’t it an outpost of old biretta-belt American Anglo-Catholicism, wonderfully Tridentinesque externally but Prayer Bookish and non-papal (a religion that Western Rite Orthodoxy is largely a revival of)? (Unlike English ACs who are would-be RCs: the people most likely to accept this offer and probably the only ones.) Isn’t it less Catholic-orientated than it used to be, going in for common cause with conservative Protestant Anglicans on credal orthodoxy and some moral issues? Of course if Pope Benedict really has ACs’ back like I think he does, I’d love to see Rosemont come aboard (with or without its buildings; the Episcopalians don’t need them really but orthodoxy is not a licence to steal — property rights mean the Piskies can evict Bishop Moyer and turn them into a carpark or store; see La Ronda, another beautiful landmark of the swellegant old Main Line) but given those two things I don’t see it happening. But Bishop Moyer’s denomination is the American branch of an anglican (not Anglican like the Piskies; former Anglicans) church committed to union with Rome so who knows? I don’t see a lot of the parishioners going along with it. Rosemont and Anglican Use RC under the old Pastoral Provision seem a fairly good fit as IIRC they’re not Missal but hybrid 1979, exactly what the AU is.

Indirectly I’m at my church of 12 years thanks to Rosemont. The then-priest-in-charge told me about Clem’s, where Larry Reilly told me of and walked me by the place.

More photos.

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