Saturday, October 17, 2009

Tough truth from Fr Longenecker on official ecumenism with theologically liberal liturgical Protestants
Not the same as my ecumenism
I know from my time in the Anglican Church that the theologians they send to Rome to engage in ecumenical discussions are those who are already friendly towards the Catholic Church and are very good at dressing up their Protestant beliefs in Catholic terminology. They’re a suave and slippery lot, and I expect the Lutheran ‘partners in dialogue’ are much the same.

Despite their smooth manner and diplomatic form and seeming admiration for Rome, mainstream Anglicans and Lutherans can’t really stomach the Catholic faith at all.

This is proved by the regular and repeated slaps in the face they give Rome.

Continued ecumenical discussions with mainstream Anglicanism and Lutheranism is not only a waste of time, it’s dishonest to all involved.

It’s more than a waste of time. It is helping people who only want to use their good relations with the Vatican as icing on their corrupt cake.
That and it’s only them and the RCs’ liberals sitting around agreeing with each other.

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