Saturday, October 17, 2009

Windows 7 party!
That ‘WTF?’ infomercial with a funny voiceover and two other good parodies. Apparently Microsoft meant it: I read they actually send you a ‘party pack’ with the software. Of course. Would you like to come to my party and hear me talk and talk about my computer? I’ll have balloons (Stewie: ‘What are you, f*cking five?’). The stupidest, most out-of-touch and most condescending idea they’ve had since Melinda Gates came up with Microsoft Bob (a cartoony interface because they thought ordinary Windows was too hard for home users).

The three commonest reactions I’ve seen in the few weeks this has been around: Are they serious? This might work as porn. Let’s see, you’ve got the hip-geek computer-expert stereotype, the older person, the attractive woman (doing this: yeah, sure) and the token black (who else agrees that Mr Hip Glasses’ remark around 5:47 in the top one would likely in reality have him leaving by ambulance?) but no Asian (East or South) in something meant to sell a computer product?! (Could be a compliment: they thought Koreans or Indians are too smart for this but look down on all their other customers.)

BTW I’m not an Apple person. (At least they gave their new OS a cool name and left it at that rather than patronise you.)

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