Thursday, November 19, 2009

Ecclesiastical bibs and bobs
  • Huw: practice, practice, practice. It is meet and right so to do (and here seems to agree with Arturo) but doctrine and a divinely instituted, infallible church backing it are still required as indeed Orthodoxy teaches. (So joining a faith where the content of the creeds is officially optional is not a valid choice. Sorry. I don’t make the rules.) The ad-hoc way of improvising, very slowly and case by case, is immemorial custom and far better than adopting wholesale change in principle (the ‘Reformation’ and the Epic Fail Council). Slavs in a parish in Pennsylvania not Cranmer’s or Bugnini’s approach nor the hyper convert stuff Huw mentions, thank you.
  • A libertarian who happens to be Catholic looks at the Episcopal row. Defending the freedom of religion and property rights of people you don’t agree with. That and when it finally settles I hope people caught in the middle like Charley (defending his freedom of religion) still have a place to worship on Sunday.
  • Fr Z on Cardinal Kasper and the Pope’s offer. 1) The invitation is mainly for English Anglo-Catholics (Americans aren’t interested) but that doesn’t mean TAC aren’t welcome. 2) Face it: union talks with the Anglican Communion are over. Drop them.

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