Thursday, November 26, 2009

From The Times
  • Bliar: of course he knew there were no WMDs when he sent a token British force as part of the Coalition of the Bullied (by Real President Cheney, a Class A bully). Historical-irony note: the same pol who invented Iraq, by drawing lines on a map cutting up the Ottoman Empire, in his drive to wipe out a rival European power (yes, a nasty one but not the worst) ended up making Bliar’s poodleness possible by, in his lifetime, turning the country into a dependency of the US (and BTW handing half of Catholic Europe to the worse of the rival European powers at the time... and as the man had a way with words named the resulting empire). BTW more American forces are stationed abroad than British at the height of the old empire. Via RR.
  • How much ought the Crown be involved with Parliament? The sort of constitutional crisis that almost turned Australia into a republic about 35 years ago.

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