Thursday, November 26, 2009

Gratias agamus Domino Deo nostro. Dignum et justum est.
Nice to have a bank holiday on the important Russian feast of St John Chrysostom (Roman Rite: St Sylvester, abbot) this year.

Mr S serves pieOf course it’s not a church feast but the theme fits the faith of course (εὐχαριστία).

As many others have noted the first thanksgiving in America was 23 years earlier by the Spanish in Florida complete with Mass.

This arguably goes too far (atheism sliding into selfishness) but it’s nice to see a libertarian try to answer the Puritans’ killjoy descendants trying to guilt you today. From RR.

LRC and Mises have more on all that: the Puritans began to prosper when they abandoned the well-meant socialism their descendants want to impose on us.

Photo: A prince among men, Bob Sorrentino, cuts last year’s pie. Molte grazie per tutto.

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