Thursday, November 19, 2009

More bibs and bobs
  • Vocation. This problem’s a tough one. On one hand are the liberal RCs who accuse all orthodox young men of this (‘pious and overly devotional’) to screen them out of seminary and on the other are the young men who actually have this problem. I know about the holier-than-thou personality who wants power over others. Had a pain-in-the-arse housemate like that briefly, almost 20 years ago, who unsurprisingly tried out the seminary and last I heard is a therapist working under some quack (I know — I met him). Their schtick is ‘being orthodox RCs people can trust’; I see a huge malpractice case on the horizon. (If this is the therapy some dioceses offered, no wonder they went bankrupt over molestation scandals — some of them deserved it.) Matthew 7:21-23.
  • Self-conscious converts or why I can’t stand online Orthodoxy (and like this instead) and stay away from converts in person.
  • That ‘Mass’ video-game parody. Comment.
  • Rowan, just shut up. Now. John of Ad Orientem: After I stopped laughing my first reaction was to wonder where Rowan is getting his drugs. But after a brief reflection I realized that this may be the first time Rowan has ever taken a firm stand on a controversial subject within his communion. Clarity is always a good thing. Either Bishop Farrell is being patronising, trying to be nice, or is a liberal too. Not to deny what Episcopalians like Derek and me have in common but official union talks are over. A dead end.

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