Tuesday, November 10, 2009

On Communism and its fall
Thomas DiLorenzo:
My old friend Jim Bennett of George Mason University traveled in the Soviet bloc in the early 1980s on an Agency for International Development junket (because of his position as an adjunct scholar of the Heritage Foundation, which was closely linked to the Reagan administration). I can still recall what he said about the Soviet Union upon his return: “We have nothing to worry about; the place is one big Department of Motor Vehicles.”
Lew Rockwell:
Communism was used to justify the most bloodthirsty regimes in history. But as economic basket cases, they never threatened the US, and indeed tended to be far less imperialistic than the US and Britain, which — as Hans Hoppe points out — have the capitalistic resources to wage war and rule the globe, at least for a time.

Now we are supposed to think that a few hundred foreign “terrorists” (private groups using the state’s war tactics, who were originally trained and funded by the US and its satellites to fight the Russians in Afghanistan) threaten Wichita, and justify a fascist regime in DC. Just like the Cold War that Truman started.
From the LRC blog.

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