Monday, November 30, 2009

Taking care of business
That is, taking out the (white) trash

Not only did work get in the way of libertarian anarcho-Catholic blogging today but I had something to settle.

Very recently as I was backing my modest car out of a space at work the bumper scraped somebody else’s as you can see here (the other car). Not a big deal. So I tried to do the right thing and left a note.

The other owner turned out to be an old blowhard I’ve worked with for 12 years; in the merger/downsizing he was demoted from one of the bosses to one of the staff. Ex-soldier who shouts four-letter words.

A lovely upper-class bohemian in our old office who was let go in the big change, a pretty good friend, thought he was one of the lowest class people she’d met and I always told her she was wrong, that that’s just his act and he was really nice, good at heart.

Class wins out. She’s right.

This creature (he’s not a man) socked me with a bill closer to four digits than three to replace the bumper.

Today he approached me in our office for the money and I told him to his face exactly what I think of him, very carefully: it sounded threatening but literally wasn’t. (It didn’t sound Christian but that doesn’t work on big bruisers from the veterans’-hall bar. As they say in cosa nostra it’s just business. E-mail me and I’ll tell you what I said.) Worked as if I’d directed it. He stomped out and yelled ‘You’re DEAD!’ An editor heard it.

TV cop heroes and martial-arts fighters know: use your enemy’s strength against him and play him.

Yes, I kept my money, now insurance is taking care of it and he’s not allowed near me on company property.

YF 1, bully nil.

I’ve picked up a few things hanging out with Italians, cumpare.

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