Monday, November 09, 2009

Week against the apartheid wall
Twenty years ago today the Berlin Wall fell. Now, join human rights advocates around the world in calling for an end to Israel’s apartheid wall.

Israel’s wall is approximately three times longer than the Berlin Wall, with concrete, razor wire, and a no-man’s-land stretching over 400 miles, often confiscating Palestinian land miles past the “Green Line” in the West Bank. In some places the wall is a 25-foot-tall concrete monster complete with guard towers. This is the wall that completely surrounds the Palestinian city of Qalqiliya, and is also common in Jerusalem, where it ghettoizes Bethlehem, and stops streets short in neighborhoods like Abu Dis. The other common form that the wall takes is a 230-330-foot-wide “buffer zone” that includes a maze of trenches, patrol roads, razor wire, and high-tech surveillance equipment. In either case, the wall is built almost entirely on confiscated Palestinian land. In many places, preparation for the wall includes the Israeli military demolishing Palestinian homes and uprooting orchards that have been in tended by Palestinians for centuries. In 2004, the International Court of Justice declared Israel’s apartheid wall illegal due to the fact that is built on confiscated Palestinian land.
Brother Stephen’s photos of Palestine.

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