Friday, December 11, 2009

‘Christian leaders urge immediate passage of tough sanctions on Iran’
I got this e-mail today. ‘Which Christian leaders?’ I asked. Ones who matter like the Pope and the Patriarch of Moscow? Silly boy.
Pat Robertson, Chuck Colson, Southern Baptist leadership, Focus on the Family and megachurch pastors send letter to Congress. Leaders representing millions of evangelicals and Roman Catholics call for immediate passage of sanctions.

As the House of Representatives prepares to vote on the matter next week, Christian leaders representing millions of evangelicals, Roman Catholics, and other Christians have sent a letter to leaders in the House of Representatives today urging immediate passage of tough sanctions on Iran intended to prevent that rogue regime from obtaining nuclear weapons.
But all-American nukes are Christian (yes, they’re regrettably necessary in a balance of power but still...).

As recently as 1936 the Southern Baptists knew better.

Also to quote Russell Kirk the capital of the US is not Tel Aviv.

Besides these names and John Hagee are indeed RC signers. No surprises really:
C. Preston Noell, III, President of Tradition, Family, Property, Inc.
Michael Novak, Author, Scholar and awarded 1994 Templeton Prize for Progress in Religion
William A. Donohue, President of The Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights
Deal Hudson, Executive Director of Catholic Advocate
Jack Whelan, Chairman of Culture of Life Foundation
Bud Hansen, Papal Foundation
Jeffrey Karls, President of Magdalen College
Al Kresta, Executive Producer of Ave Maria Radio
Cortes E. DeRussy, Bronxville, NY, Former Board Chair,
Crisis Magazine
Now I know whose fund-raising letters to throw in the bin.

And if the mainline talk sense on this, Congress and Obama won’t listen (O knows they’re his regardless).

I miss Barry Goldwater telling Jerry Falwell to shut up.

No wonder people hate religion.

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