Sunday, December 13, 2009

Ecclesiastical bibs and bobs
  • Lauds with the laity. And sung at that. From here.
  • Religion and the reptilian brain. From here.
  • On making and hearing confessions.
  • I keep saying it because I have to: ‘It’s not about Latin!’ (The liberals scare people off by saying it is. The English Missal etc. would shut them up; it’s all Pope Benedict’s for the asking.) Ars longa, vita brevis (yes, I know that was translated from Greek) sed lingua latina æterna. Latin does matter. More from Fr Chadwick: The Psalter in the Latin Prayer Book is that of the Vulgate, viz. the same as in the old Roman Breviary. If Latin dies, so will our knowledge and the entire theological, canonical and liturgical patrimony of the Church. The old books will collect dust on their library shelves, and extracts will only be available in imperfect translations.
  • Fr Z on an unforeseen and welcome consequence of the Pope’s offer. An Episcopalian candidate for the US Senate throws down a challenge: no same-sex sex and for pro-abort pols no Communion.
  • A Roman Catholic criticises the Western Rite Orthodox option for Anglo-Catholics. Of course he does! For some Anglicans... the prospect of submission to the Pope is unpleasant. It’s not always racism plus American exceptionalism, parts of the Anglo-American Protestant cocktail of no-popery (then and now: ‘they’re dumb and ignorant and they over-breed’). American Anglo-Catholicism’s always been big on the idea that the church in the first millennium wasn’t run like second-millennium Rome says it is by divine origin (falling back on development of doctrine), the same Pope-scope issue that’s Orthodoxy’s only real difference with Rome (but it’s a doozy). So when Orthodoxy gets off its cultural anti-Western kick as the Antiochians have tried to do, it fits good ’50s American ACs like custom-made soutanes and birettas. Yes, the Non-Jurors were just like Fr Robert Hart’s Continuers today; high-church Protestants running on the same ecclesiological principle as the Episcopalians who turned against them in the 1970s and which you now see again with ACNA. A mixture of Anglican and some Roman prayers styled the Liturgy of St Tikhon, which the Antiochians didn’t invent; it’s the American Missal, a ’50s biretta-belt standard. Some practise faintly ridiculous pastimes, such as composing Offices for obscure English saints, whose cultus is revived precisely because they luckily died ante 1054: for after that date, all were but Western heretics in their eyes. That is a silly and annoying convertodox thing not limited to WRO. That said, liturgically what else are WRO to do with their saints’ days because just like him they’re not a Protestant denomination/branch but believe they’re the one true church? Those who know better know Ten Fifty-Four wasn’t a magic date when God turned off the grace taps and the Antiochian WRO especially are less inclined to rewrite/manufacture history. Like he may privately venerate anyone including post-schism Orthodox saints so at least some Antiochian WRO do the later Western Catholic saints.
  • Explaining ACs’ patrimony. Fr Scott is wrong: Rome is not importing Protestantism. If it were, these people wouldn’t be screaming.
  • Story from Texas via T1:9: Are the current Anglican Use RC parishes a model for the ordinariate? I thought and still think it’ll be better than that.
  • Mustn’t become a sect, oh, no, no, no. Translation: the local liberals want to neutralise an influx of embarrassing orthodox. Hope the Pope has the ACs’ back. From here.
  • One of my sources tells me that although I’m right that it’s not at all big and it won’t affect the Episcopalians at all I underestimated the interest in America in Pope Benedict’s offer. That’s all I can say.
  • Anglican fudge. Hmm. That would be the leader of the church that has flying bishops who minister to congregations who cannot accept the ministry of their bishop because they really have preserved unity even though they would want to say that it is, if you like, an ‘impaired communion’ which of course recognizes a real though insubstantial communion of likes that are actually in contradiction however we see that despite this tension there is also a real sense in which there is no tension... etc. etc. That would be the man who presides over a worldwide communion that has homosexual bishops... oh no we don’t! and homosexual marriage... it’s not really marriage; it’s just a blessing... and has women bishops... well some of us do and some of us don’t and we’re still in a process of reception of that doctrine, but some of us are convinced but not all of us so we agree to differ... No theological eccentricity there then. Absolute clarity... Got it? Good! Damian Thompson’s version. [He] predicted that few would take up the option because they could not accept papal infallibility. So an Oxbridge professor and Anglican theologian who’s lived in Britain all his life doesn’t know what Anglo-Papalists believe. Okaaaaay... (There’s a reason many of them might not go but that’s not it.) Monty Pythonic. (Maybe the few remaining sort-of conservatives will stand up at the objections part of the service at Mary Glasspool’s consecration, say ‘I say! I disagree!’ and throw tea sandwiches or something.) Like Dean Munday’s bit about his denomination being the means to heal the fault lines in Christianity except for disagreeing internally on, well, except the creeds, everything (dude, you are the fault lines in Christianity). P.S. Anglicanorum Cœtibus is not about theology at all but (William Klimon rightly notes) a canonical arrangement that while novel is well grounded in principles and precedents.
  • Right, enough of that. Fr Hunwicke: “Traditionalism” does not consist of just making up as-you-go-along whatever convenient little argument gives you any old handle against the liberals or the “newchurch”. Surely, we should be more deeply sourced than that. A long time (pre-Pope Benedict, more than 10 years) ago my priest, who came of age in the good ’60s (the other ’60s, the early ’60s), said the same thing about the Novus Ordo neocons as Fr Chadwick’s late ’50s-liberal French priest friends did about trads: they don’t know what they’re doing and they’re not what we were.
  • Avvakum Art. Mostly Orthodox.
  • Cardinal Murphy-O’Connor turns down peerage. Anything with even the appearance of undoing the ‘Reformation’ in Britain like a seat in the Lords would be good IMO.
  • Gaudete in Domino semper. Pink rose is beautiful. From here of course.
  • Photos: the new Archbishop of Birmingham.
  • More photos: Manila’s Grand Marian Procession last week anticipating the feast of the Immaculate Conception.


Archbishop Diosdado Talamayan of Tuguegarao with tunicled acolytes

Nuestra Señora de la Anunciación

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