Sunday, December 06, 2009

Fr Longenecker’s ideas for the English ordinariate
The C of E has so many redundant churches that it can let a few go. Flyingvic makes a couple of good points: historically when mass conversions seemed likely they didn’t happen and the ordinariate is like a flying bishop protecting Catholics from the liberals in their own church, which points to the clerical Augean stable-cleaning the Pope still needs to do. But overlapping jurisdictions for incompatible theologies in the same church are chaos that the liberals rightly oppose (if I were a feminist Anglican on the General Synod I would see this as a wonderful opportunity to be rid of my opponents and I would make every effort to facilitate their departure or the Pope and Christina Rees agree: no compromise); the ordinariate with orthodox Rome in charge or, for Americans with their non-papal views, the Western Rite Vicariate under Patriarch Ignatius IV are not.

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