Thursday, December 17, 2009

From Tea at Trianon
  • Bad behaviour. Unsurprisingly the myth of egalitarianism (that everybody deserves the same outcome — of course all deserve the same opportunity) makes people selfish. I’ll add that there’s a difference between power and authority although the latter can have the former. The state or a mugger taking your money have power. Stalin (‘How many divisions has the Pope got?’) had power. Pope Benedict has authority but next to no civil power.
  • From an England still in living memory, A.A. Milne on a distant historical figure.
  • The new London. Things I got a whiff of 20 years ago are worse now. Regular readers know my line: I’m grateful for the patrimony as filtered through Anglo-Catholicism (and I agree with Fr Hunwicke that Benedict is arguably the AC-friendliest Pope ever... you can say he’s answered the telegram the 1923 AC Congress sent to Rome) but Anglicanism has been a shell starting with its ‘Reformation’ founding and definitely since the ‘Enlightenment’ KO’d English Calvinism, a deep freezer of latitudinarian moralism (as William Tighe says) just waiting for somebody to finish pulling it down.

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