Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Keillor’s Christmas rant
I read this yesterday but didn’t put it here then because honestly I may not be sophisticated enough to know what to make of him. I’ve found him a bit arrogant and know his most famous work (I liked Lake Wobegon Days) was meant to make fun of his subjects; that people liked it unironically was an accident. That said, although I don’t mind secular winter/Christmas songs to include my Jewish neighbours (that’s not political correctness but good old-fashioned politeness), and whether Keillor’s serious or not, this curmudgeon likes this. I was about to say: Hanukkah’s over (and not the Jewish equivalent of Christmas anyway: it’s about as important as the feast of SS. Peter and Paul is to us) and next to nobody does Kwanzaa kraap (a long time ago at one of my bookshop jobs the manager, black and from North Carolina, said it: it’s just a made-up holiday he didn’t keep) so stop the ‘holidays’ nonsense. (Well, you can include New Year’s.)

More from LRC’s Ryan McMaken.

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