Thursday, December 17, 2009

L’état, c’est relativiste
Taki’s Grant Havers:
The Ministry of Education (and Truth?) in Quebec is finally incurring much deserved flak for imposing a curriculum that aims for an “intercultural Quebec” where everyone lives together in peace and mutual tolerance.
So far that sounds pretty good. Politically I’m secular (not secularist) and like von Mises believe that leaving people alone and letting the market do its work (or everybody’s money is the same) accomplishes this.

Of course the other shoe drops:
Despite the relativistic rhetoric about “open dialogue,” it is highly doubtful that politically incorrect views on identity and sexual freedom are enjoying a hearing.
Because as a much more conservative friend sees, my libertarian tolerance isn’t righteous enough for people on a crusade for a substitute religion that’s essentially a false, rival one true church and claims absolute power, power to change defined doctrine (two men can marry each other), power to define reality (if I say I’m a woman then I am one*; everybody’s equally talented), that the church, which sees reason as conforming to reality, doesn’t dare.

*Hilary: ‘Fine, then I say I’m very attractive and rich. Accommodate me!’

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