Monday, December 21, 2009

Progressives and libertarians united against the Demopublicans?
There is an enormous, rising tide of populism that crosses party lines in objection to the Senate bill. We opposed the bank bailouts, the AIG bonuses, the lack of transparency about the Federal Reserve, “bailout” Ben Bernanke, and the way the Democrats have used their power to sell the country’s resources to secure their own personal advantage, just as the libertarians have. In fact, we’ve worked together with them to oppose these things. What we agree on: both parties are working against the interests of the public, the only difference is in the messaging.
The trouble is the progressives once in power would re-create the same problems that got us into this mess: they started this. So as libertarians our alliance with them is only provisional. Populism has a lot of potential but of course a mob isn’t always right. We’ve long hoped people would wake up, see that the GOP and Dems are a Punch-and-Judy show and stop being played.

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