Sunday, January 17, 2010

The congregation of a small Normandy church turns on its liberal bullyboy bishop
From Damian Thompson. More. Arguably this kind of thing is happening 40 years too late in the RC Church but it’s happening.

For all the problems of the Orthodox (selling out on contraception) if one of their bishops tried that he’d get all this and more. In 1920s Russia it happened! Their problems seem academic (remote) in many places; their obvious natural traditionalism on the ground is a good selling point.

Of course I acknowledge Fr Chadwick’s point here (more from him here): it was the second thing I thought of. We’re not congregationalists. That said, you know that the sort of churchman who denies Jesus is God or founded an infallible church will turn higher than Pio Nono in platform shoes (but still hating the Pope) defending the Bishop of Evreux.

So as Thompson says:
I suppose I shouldn’t condone the furious reaction of the parishioners at Mass. But I do.
On that note from him:

What if we just said: get stuffed?

The old liberals know their time is running out.

Putting Fr Michel and Pope Benedict’s revival in perspective:
It’s not so long ago that this form of the Roman Rite was celebrated clandestinely in the hotels of railway stations.
Now you’re seeing one-off exhibitions of it in St John Lateran.

Update: The Pope has the people’s back. The nuncio in France told the bishop to back off and he did.

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