Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The faith
  • The Catholic Church is not a democracy, and it does not pretend to be so! So writes the retired Anglican Bishop of Richborough whom I used to slightly know, liturgically modern but a fine fellow. That and the bishops are limited to what they can change, by defined doctrine, which is irrevocable and irreformable, the ordinary magisterium and simply immemorial custom (Pio Nono on adding St Joseph to the Roman Canon: ‘I can’t! I’m only the Pope!’). In Protestant episcopalianism any change, from the nature (communing with Methodists) and matter (which sex) of the apostolic ministry, to morals (contraception, divorce and remarriage, and homosexual sex) to apostasy from Christianity (turning unitarian, making explicit the widespread unbelief among Anglicans since the ‘Enlightenment’), is only a General Synod/Convention vote away. In short the Protestants claim an absolute power the Pope doesn’t dare.
  • American Missal reprint. From The Anglo-Catholic.

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