Thursday, January 14, 2010

From LRC
  • Ways to sharpen your brain. I read about this related to babies accidentally left in cars by parents, grandparents et al. In routine tasks your ‘reptilian’ brain, your brain’s stupider backup, takes over so the brain can save energy by shutting down some of its operations. So you forget obvious or important things no matter how intelligent your fully powered brain is. Libertarian angle on that: the state requiring you to put baby seats in back makes it easier to forget they’re there. Which is safer? Is it a tradeoff?
  • The Republicans can outdo the Democrats as PC purists. They can scream at Democrats for not destroying Harry Reid for his innocuous observations about Obama’s pigmental advantage spoken in private company. And that his blackccent is fake. (Affirmative-action lesson. K-Fed: made fun of. Obama: praised.) They can also wallow in guilt about American racism, like presidential candidate McCain after losing the election to our first black president or Bush lamenting American slavery in Senegal in July 2003. But Republicans can reach out even further in their rhetorical gestures. FOX, Heritage and other voices of the GOP now celebrate Martin Luther King as a national icon with a zeal that can only be matched by my very leftist college. The GOP press has meanwhile reconstructed King as a conservative thinker and conservative theologian, who took his ideas about civil disobedience from Aquinas and his view about original sin from Augustine.
  • Is Rand Paul the tea-party leader?
  • We should remember that Haiti’s economy was wrecked by the 1990 sanctions imposed by President George H.W. Bush, then by President Clinton’s 1994 invasion, which re-established the commie Aristide in power. Pat Robertson blames Haiti’s problems on some distant “pact with the devil.” The real problem is the destruction of that poor country’s economy by Robertson’s favorite demon the U.S. government. The earthquake would have killed thousands of people no matter what. But if the country had been left alone, there would be much more prosperity, including stronger buildings that would not have fallen down on their inhabitants.
  • Anytime a US politician evinces particular loyalty to a foreign client state, I wonder how much he is being paid.
  • If the Amish are exempt, why not the rest of us?

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