Sunday, January 24, 2010

Goodbye, Danny
I was slightly acquainted with him for about 15 years (worked a summer sidewalk sale for him one day): nice, nice man, the sort of person and place from the kind of localism Rod Dreher likes. Went to the closing sale yesterday as a way of saying goodbye. Not only was the shop fairly well picked over after only an hour but I realised — sorry, Danny — as old-school as I am, I didn’t need this means of info delivery for most things. I’ve got the medium you’re using right now. Still, besides being a no-frills newsagents’ (no gourmet coffee or any coffee for that matter, just the papers, magazines, a few books and friendly conversation) you could find half-forgotten treasures. Yesterday I saw a sturdy Roman Catholic prayer book in Spanish that should get regular use rather than just sit on my shelf, and I still have a rare copy of the real-life Vietnam War naval drama The Arnheiter Affair I bought from Danny a long time ago.
Books: you know, those things I have on my walls to make me look smart.
— Line from ‘Will & Grace’

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