Thursday, January 28, 2010

Last night a neighbour who takes care of the house told me it’s haunted. He used to live in the place next to mine and told me things that make my computer waking up from standby on its own make sense. The place next door has lights that come on that way and his cat used to run and hide for no apparent reason. One day he found a television set, usually tuned to one channel all the time, changed to a children’s channel. He said there’s a lot of activity around one window and thinks something awful happened like a child falling out in Runnemede’s nearly century-long history.

Now AFAIK according to the Catholic faith — including Eastern European folklore — there are only two possibilities, neither of which is a long-dead person: a demon or a psychic imprint, which is more like watching a looping video than a visit. Souls only hang around the earth between death and the particular judgement.

In any event, good to have the sacramentals around and get better about praying the office regularly, and time to have the priest bless the place.

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