Thursday, January 28, 2010

My preference right now for congressman on SOTU
A tea-partyish independent
Jim Schneller, candidate for the 7th U.S. Congressional seat, located in Southeastern Pennsylvania, released comment this morning on the State of the Union address televised yesterday evening:
It is alarming that Mr. Obama failed in his state of the union address, to tackle the near unanimous displeasure with the current agenda of federal spending in unbelievably large amounts, without transparency, and the effort to hasten sea-change legislation many thousands of pages in length towards enactment, without realistic and deliberate discussions and vetting before the public.

Congress and the Democrats are currently veering towards again raising our debt many more trillions of dollars, this despite having done so last year, and that being an outlandish raising of the debt ceiling to 300% or more of the prior ceiling. No country, and at the least, no stable economy, can withstand such irresponsibility. Mr. Obama ought to have at least noted the public concern with this policy, and, in good will to his people, should have attempted to explain it in plain terms.

The Republican Party, despite their many opposing comments, are not putting up any realistically effective resistance to this and other objectionable policies of the federal government and legislature, despite the fact that these policies are steering America towards an era, and a quality of life, that would not even resemble what all elected officials promised they would sustain, nor the Constitutional mandate that they swore to uphold.

Americans should not be assured by words, and now at this point there is little fact left to assure us! A vote for Jim Schneller and other candidates who take national debt and security seriously is urgently needed! Voters must research their votes much more closely now, because corruption and apathy threaten our nation. We are traditionally a people who grasp national dilemmas by the horns — this is a year to stand up for strength of character and decency in government!

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