Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Scott Brown: business as usual really
I don’t accept the two real choices offered (red-state right and blue-state left, the swastika and the sickle) so I don’t see this as a coup. I wish the no-relation Kennedy (Joe, a Libertarian) won but am looking forward to lefty media freak-outs like their visceral hatred for Sarah Palin (somebody I don’t give a second thought about). The end of the Kennedy dynasty is also worth drinking to. (Say a prayer for the repose of the soul of Mary Jo Kopechne.) As somebody said to me the only good thing about this is the schadenfreude.

And yes, I’m happy that apparent anti-Catholic RC Coakley (more) lost. Anti-Catholic RCs are beyond Bad Catholics, in pols’ case causing scandal so it’s excommunicable, but not really a Modernist (wannabe mainline Protestant) fifth column (‘change the church’: that sound you hear is me and Arturo laughing at them): more like self-hating Jews, slunk off to join the enemy but still a culture unto themselves. (I agree with Jeff Culbreath that Biden’s a Bad Catholic.)

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