Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sunday roundup
  • Arturo on forgiveness and redemption or pre-conciliar Catholicism is not the purity cult of the caricatures left or right but a hospital for sinners. Also: Modern civilization thinks “normalcy” is akin to godliness. Even our Christian heritage doesn’t necessarily agree with this.
  • A classic as Huw takes a break from regular blogging: convertitis.
  • Fr Longenecker on (non-)politics. Nice but the religious right typically start doing impressions of us libertarians when they’re out of power (rewind to ‘Clinton is the antichrist’ in the 1990s).
  • Brother Stephen on ugly Bible translations. Many Orthodox like and use the King James tradition; what’s left of American Greek Catholic churches uses this.
  • An unofficial New Year’s resolution for me regarding Anglicanism is something I’ve been trying to do for a while now: to blog only about Anglicanorum Cœtibus (that means ‘Groups of Anglicans’), notable conversions and ‘patrimony’: liturgy and history. The Episcopal/C of E/Anglican Communion fights are inevitable in a Protestant church and repetitious. I respect those denominations’ rights to govern themselves and to their property. Case closed. As Fr Sergius, the former curate (1950s) of St Luke’s, Germantown, former longtime curate of St James the Less, Philly, and now the curate of Assumption Russian Orthodox Church (which is still open and now has a spiffy website), says, ‘I don’t follow that any more. I don’t have to.’ I’ll make an exception if one of their national churches apostasises by officially turning unitarian for example: that would be newsworthy.
  • Not about Anglicanism but the irony/hypocrisy of mainline wannabes (1960s-1970s RCs, mostly a few old priests and nuns, who hate Pope Benedict) at America magazine: Dr Williams gets Campion Award. This falls under history as well. Evelyn Waugh’s bio of the saint is a good read. Update: ‘Diogenes’ half-jokes that Dr W deserves it for being sort of the catalyst for the Pope’s offer.
  • Related to history and the Pope’s offer: Anglo-Catholicism is more than a myth, but actually a story that is or should be coming to an end. Jeffrey Steel gets it.

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