Monday, February 22, 2010

Breviaries vs Prayer Book
Of course you know what I’ll say: the breviaries win although we users of one of the diurnales (no Matins) miss having substantial readings. The Prayer Book offices are not heretical but you can see Protestant intent, or why those offices feel more like just reading the Bible than praying. The directed teaching aspect is lacking. Interesting commentary on the horologion too, of course similarly criticised by Protestants. Throwing lots of the Bible at somebody sounds good in principle but without the grounding in doctrine, the mind of the church, how can it help you? It’s rather like the idea of a three-year lectionary at Mass (which neither the Byzantine Rite, traditional Roman Rite nor classic BCP Communion service do): as Bishop Peter Robinson quipped it means the people hear three times as much of the Bible but know it only a third as well.

From Derek.

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