Thursday, February 11, 2010

Cracked takes on WWII common knowledge
The major reason Hitler was never this close to making your grandparents goose-step through Times Square: the Soviet Union.

Understand, the Russia versus Germany part of the war wasn’t just a little more important than the part the USA was involved in. It was “four times the scale” of the whole Western front, larger than all other phases of the war put together. The Soviet military suffered eight million soldiers dead, more than 20 freaking times the number of U.S. casualties.
Essentially the basis for my views on the subject (let the Nazis and Communists destroy each other: America First, and Hitler’s death wish by going after Russia meant Britain was safe in the long run too).
Churchill suffered from an insatiable urge similar to “bloodlust” in Warcraft to keep fighting WWII for as long as he felt like it. Since this meant millions of men would be dying for his ego, it made him quite unpopular within the British military.
A point I disagree on as regular readers know: I believe FDR knew ahead of time about Pearl Harbor. The fleet was moved there from San Diego and the admiral who objected was fired; the government threatened Dewey so he’d drop the matter in the 1944 election.

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