Tuesday, February 23, 2010

From LRC
  • Conservatism is a scam. National Review’s three-card monte described by Murray Rothbard.
  • Let’s liquidate the empire. Ron Paul shows the way.
  • The terror-industrial complex.
  • Toyota will grovel at the feet of totalitarians who put up the front that they are acting in the interest of American citizens. This is another move to knock down Japanese cars and put the government-owned, bailed-out, failed U.S. auto industry in a good light. And yes, this massive media effort to dethrone the kings – Japanese auto makers – just might be successful in selling more American cars that people stopped wanting to buy. Has Bush or Obama apologized for still occupying Japan and Okinawa?
  • Life is not like ‘Numb3rs’. “A subcritical hot spot, like a large neighborhood drug market, can be effectively suppressed [by police action] according to the model. [This is] because this sort of hot spot requires complex organization and is not easily re-established even after police pressure is relaxed.” Anyone who understands that drugs, and almost any other flavor of contraband, freely flow into prisons and many other areas of “intense police presence” sees this assertion for the lunacy that it is. In fact, if it were true that complex organizations could be eradicated by intense police pressure, the war on (some) drugs should have been over long ago. The Mafia would be an urban legend. “The Wire” would never have made it to television! The laws of supply and demand, interacting with self-interest, choice, and human action, determine what will and won’t happen, regardless of the intensity of police action. When people are engaged in an activity that is a vice – not a crime – and they know it, no amount mathematical modeling should be used to predict that more coercion will make them stop.

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