Wednesday, February 17, 2010

From LRC
  • Ron Paul Tea Partiers in Nevada reject neocons.
  • Gary North on PI(I)GS: For the first time in my lifetime, politicians in Europe are having to consider the costs and benefits of national default. The theology of the messianic welfare state is being reconsidered. “A government need not default” has always meant “a government can stiff lenders with fiat money.” Today, that traditional avenue of concealed default has been cut off in Western Europe. The threat of real default has reappeared. If the euro dies, the New Europe also dies. That will be a funeral I hope to attend.
  • On the upcoming 1,000th American soldier to die in Afghanistan. These deaths are all so senseless. The 9/11 hijackers are all dead. None of them were Afghans.
  • Englishwoman 1, vacuous newsreader nil: The interviewer was Jane Pauley. Mrs. Francis was present, small and soft-spoken, like her husband. The American TV “personality,” making millions a year (Garry Trudeau’s wife, by the way), asked, ingratiatingly smiling, “So, where does the best champagne come from?” Mrs. Francis, who was not a “personality” and did not make millions a year, replied, “Why, from Champagne, dear. It’s a part of France.” The camera quickly turned away from Pauley, whose momentary panic was painful to see.

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