Tuesday, February 23, 2010

From Michael Lawrence
It is ironic that the constitution gives the government the explicit right to tax; King George III, on the other hand, never enjoyed such a luxury.

Contrast the constitution with the way monarchies were set up: “Divine Right” was not, at first, the right of a King to make up a law on his own whim; rather, it meant that all his laws had to be in accord with Divine, or “natural,” law. It was a means of circumscription. It, too, was eventually violated, but it took much longer than the constitution, which was “nothing more than a g*ddamned piece of paper” within a few decades, at the very most.

The point is that this system would seem to be broken, and that there’s no point in trying to work within it in order to rehabilitate order in our society, since its brokenness is related to intrinsic flaws rather than simple mismanagement. Therefore I believe that Ron Paul could do much more good by being a thinker and speaker than by being a politician who asks neoconservatives at CPAC to consider his cause. Do you really think he influenced so many people because he came in fourth place in some presidential primary? Hardly. It was the ideas he brought with him that did it, and ideas—not politics—are what move society from a lesser condition to a better one.

Look at what has happened to the Tea Party Movement. They went from End the Fed to Sarah Palin in only about a year. Would Ron Paul be better off making himself out to be more on the fringe? (I know that must sound ridiculous to some people, but from the anarchist perspective it makes sense.) A sharper line in the sand just might help to prevent the kind of co-opting that political parties thrive on. Think of the way the conservative movement was watered down and popularized in the late years of the 20th century.

Finally, is it a contradiction to use the political process as a means to promote liberty? Politics, as Dr. Paul himself has noted, is the art of the majority voting to take away the rights of the minority. This is anything but liberty and anything but private property rights, which are the foundation of individualism.

All that said, in a world in which Dr. Paul were president, we would be much better off.

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