Thursday, February 25, 2010

From RR
  • US Senate votes to extend Patriot Act.
  • Paul told me earlier this week that “I see [the CPAC win] as making progress, but I wouldn’t overblow it. I try to put it into perspective. I probably get more excited about what’s happening when I go to a college campus and get 1,500 students excited about what I’m doing. If they did a national poll of all Republican voters, I mean obviously I’m not going to be running the show.”
  • Can the left and right work together to oppose war and empire? I’d say after most of a decade doing this, usually no (because each wants the state to force its agenda on you, an agenda very different from the other side’s, so it’s Wallace vs the hippies all over again) and even if they could they wouldn’t be listened to. It’s still nice though to have the odd site on the left find and link to me.
  • Mugabe’s UN helpers. He’s been getting away with murder and theft for 30 years but the man is honest. Towards the beginning at Lancaster House he said, ‘I want power!’ and pols said oh, how cute, and let him go for it.
  • Learning from history: can the US win the Afghan war? Where the British and the Russians failed?

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