Saturday, February 20, 2010

I don’t follow sport but...
Don’t mind if you do! Here are a few recent thoughts on it.
  • Steve Sailer on making men’s figure skating manlier: Although Fred Astaire demonstrated that a man can dance perfectly well while well-dressed, male figure skaters typically pursue sparkliness over taste and even sanity. Men’s figure skating should have a rule that the skaters can’t wear any styles of clothes that weren’t worn in dance scenes in Hollywood musicals by either Fred Astaire, Gene Kelly, or Jimmy Cagney.
  • I don’t care about Tiger Woods’ personal life! LutherPunk: he owes no one an apology (or anything else) except his family. Not sports writers, not fans, not the PGA, not Nike and certainly not self-righteous pundits. Exactly. What is any of this to do with his ability to hit a golf ball? Like taking down Martha Stewart, the reason for this frenzy is envy. People who have no chance of having what he has — good looks, athletic talent, boatloads of money and Elin Nordegren — want to knock him down.
  • RIP Nodar Kumaritashvili. Luging is a wonderful sport but very dangerous as we were reminded.

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