Thursday, February 18, 2010

What jumped out to you all this year as Lent begins?
Asks Episcopal Fr Mark Juchter

My answer: Nothing in particular other than the usual besetting sins and life’s big foul-ups seen with the 20/20 hindsight of midlife. Things to hash out over and over again in the confessional and in my nightly examination of conscience (‘your life flashing before your eyes’) just chatting with God trying to make my peace (Philippians 2:12), in the special time right before I fall asleep. Hoping that, even if death is sudden/unexpected, I cross the finish line in the state of grace and my sentence in purgatory is short. Orémus pro ínvicem.

Video: Memento, homo, quia pulvis es, et in pulverem reverteris, even if you are one of the best Popes in recent history and, as Fr Mark does, like cats.

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