Friday, March 19, 2010

Diversity training
As opposed to race-blind hiring: the racism of the left. Christian ethics without Christianity don’t work.
“Diversity training,” as featured in so many companies and non-profits, doesn’t work. Indeed, it causes resentment. Highly paid, self-righteous psychobabblers blaming the members of one particular group for all the world’s troubles, throughout history and today, and ordering them not to have thoughts unapproved by the Beltway, backfires. Imagine that.

The mover in charge of packing and loading his office was a fellow from one of the hilltowns near the Massachusetts border. This fellow had on a Robert E. Lee baseball cap, replete with Confederate flags, and the inevitable confrontation soon followed.

I arrived in time to hear one of the mover’s co-workers, an impressively large and muscular black man, come to his defense by saying, “He ain’t no racist; he just don’t like them motherf&$@ers in Washington that steal all our money.”
From LRC.

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