Thursday, March 18, 2010

I first heard Vespers in Cordova Cathedral on July 5th, 1907 : nor have I ever been more shocked at the behaviour of a choir. Neither boys nor men, nor the canons themselves made any pretence that they were doing anything else than getting through a tedious business as expeditiously as possible. When not actually engaged in singing or reading, they employed their leisure moments in pleasant chat or in strolling about the nave, ready to return to choir at once directly their presence should be needful. No one seemed to dream of staying to listen to what the others were saying or singing. Indeed, I even ventured in an unfamiliar tongue to reprove a knot of small boys in scarlet cassocks and laced cottas who were enjoying surreptitious cigarettes behind a pillar while a canon was reading from an ambo in the choir : after which I successfully evicted some touts and pedlars who were plying a vigorous trade in another corner of the Cathedral.
— The Revd Edward Forse via the Ship

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