Friday, March 12, 2010

The ordinariates explained
From Bishop Peter Elliott via Damian Thompson. Although Anglican without a modifier means Lambeth, Anglican Catholic is a logical name for the ordinariates even though a Continuing group of high-church Protestants already uses it.

Also, patrimony, , Anglicanism, no. From an e-mail conversation:
I confess my lack of understanding why these archeologians persist in trying to recreate some supposed golden era of Christianity in some place and in some time.
As Catholics we’re sometimes misunderstood like the Amish as trying to live in the past. Rather we live with the past, based on precedent, and don’t destroy and reinvent ourselves to follow the times.
One of the most eye-opening things for me when working through Roman Catholicism vs ‘Anglo’ Catholicism (whatever that may mean to whomever) and the Branch Theory and all that, was that to each person it meant a recreation of some golden moment in the Christian history in some geographical place (usually pastoral, medieval England) that really only exists in their minds. And they never agree with each other as to what that will be, except NOT Roman Catholicism.

This, together with the fact that I was growing in understanding and in prayer, helped lead me to agree with Fr Hunwicke: the sooner that Anglicanism (as an ‘ism’) is thrown into the trash bin of history, the better.
As an -ism it’s a kind of Protestantism either of the Evangelical or liberal kind, both of which I see being absorbed by their Protestant neighbours.

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