Saturday, March 13, 2010

Taking God’s name in vain: Obama adviser tries to sucker Catholics
The ones with some theology, not just the tribal ones who’ve always voted Democratic anyway
The most obvious reason to be skeptical here is that the previous administration had any number of willing helpers who were happy to dress up whatever injustice or error it was committing as being either entirely consistent with Catholic teaching or an expression of Catholic moral theology. Whether it was George Weigel re-inventing just-war theory to approve of preventive warfare or Michael Gerson declaring Bush’s immigration policy to be the embodiment of solidarity, we have been inundated with people appropriating Catholic teaching for very bad or questionable causes. Marc Thiessen is the most recent and perhaps most egregious example of this, but he is hardly alone. Those are admittedly extreme examples, but they serve as a warning whenever administration allies begin claiming theological guidance for their policies.

Obviously, McDonough wasn’t going to be able to dictate the content of Obama’s speech, but I do find it odd that the two speeches he did help to write are remarkable for their failure to say anything meaningful about the gross injustices that have occurred in Iraq, Lebanon and Gaza.
From Eunomia.

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