Saturday, March 27, 2010

We all know that those who are gunning for the Pope are hypocrites
We know that they are in many cases dirty hypocrites whose own lifestyle is unmarked by any evidence of sexual continence.

We know that they are bigoted hypocrites who are only marginally, if at all, interested if a rabbi or a humanist gets ‘done’ for pedophilia or if an Anglican diocese is bankrupted by the compensation it has paid out to abused Inuit children. There is one organisation that they detest with a loathing curiously like Hitler’s dislike of the Jews. There is one man for whose downfall they have an insatiable bloodlust.

The fact that he gave an errant priest — even one whose lapse had been sexual — a second chance, seemed to us, back in the 1980s, the mark of a fine pastor. In that far-off decade, forgiveness and mercy were thought very highly of. In those days, forgiveness and mercy were thought of as characteristics of our blessed Lord himself. In those days, secular critics of the Church very commonly attacked her for being ‘unforgiving’ towards those who had fallen from her standards in sexual matters.

How very, very, appropriate that this malevolent evil should be reaching its climax in Holy Week. Satan has a real sense of liturgy.
Fr Hunwicke

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