Wednesday, April 28, 2010

From LRC
  • Government Motors is using government money to pay back government money to get more government money.
  • Ron Paul: Obama’s not a socialist. He’s a corporatist.
  • UK: Богатые русские бегут из Лондона. Taxes are driving away rich, enterprising immigrants.
  • An argument for eliminating state schools. They seem morally neutral and charitable but... Catholic immigrants 100 years ago found them Protestant and started their own schools, and today arguably the state schools are preaching for a bastard of English Calvinism, the American version of secularist humanism. (I’m secular: impartial as in fair.)
  • Get out of Korea.
  • Crisis, martial law and black-market operation.
  • The new Vegas mob war: rival museums! Hey, they stole my idea, the mooks. In Cherry Hill, NJ there used to be two rival chain Italian restaurants (one of which sort of plays on these cultural tropes and which I admit I like*; I choose to see it as a tribute) across the highway from each other and I had an Onion-like story idea based on that. One museum glorifies the state; the other the mob, like the Godfather trilogy. This is of interest to libertarians because look at Prohibition: often but not always organised crime is simply selling goods and services (alcohol, drugs, gambling, prostitution) that customers want but are demonised by the meddling government. That some of them are immoral is none of your business. (*So do some Italian-Americans — Donna and her family from New York have some respect for the place — but its number of stores in a place is interestingly inverse to the Italian population, who of course cook good food at home; there are none in NYC, North Jersey or Long Island for example. The places are full of mementos making them like fun museums: they even acknowledge the church. And yes, some of the food is good.)
  • On that note: the Western states like freedom; Californians say legalise pot.

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