Thursday, April 15, 2010

From LRC in honour of America’s tax day
My feelings about the Fabs are mixed. As one critic said both one of the best and most overrated bands, in the beginning sort of a karaoke of the best American ’50s sounds (Paul McCartney started off doing impressions of Little Richard), then original early-’60s smooth pop, retro whimsy and finally then-cutting-edge rock. But an instrument of great evil (as an old friend who largely formed my worldview once told me), an emblem of the cultural destruction in their decade. The world may have been better off if they’d remained a cult phenomenon in Liverpool or at most the UK for a couple of years, end of story. That said, as you can hear in this number, songwriter George Harrison had a good libertarian streak (as well as a sincere but misguided religious one) as does everybloke Ringo Starr: ‘Everything government touches turns to crap.’ I guess the boomer fans missed/forgot that. Enjoy the song.

I understand Walter Cronkite is to credit/blame for Beatlemania. After JFK was killed he thought his audience needed cheering up so he reported on this teen craze in England.

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