Monday, April 26, 2010

Patrimonial/ordinariate stuff
  • From Dr Tighe (thanks for lunch on Saturday): audio of Eamon Duffy at Anglicanorum Cœtibus Conference at Pusey House (more pictures). I used to slightly know two of the priests in the pictures! (Before they were priests.)
  • Followers of conservative Anglican doings know who he is/was: Fr Tony Clavier on Anglo-Catholicism (from here: anti-Catholic hackwork from the New Yorker). I fear that many Anglo-Catholics who convert will discover swiftly that they miss the freedom and liberality – not the same as liberal – of the Anglican tradition. The tragedy of English Anglo-Catholicism is that it lost its nerve and wandered into an internal ghetto and thus became powerless. It ceased to drink from its own tradition and fell in love with a very selective and romantic vision of modern Roman Catholicism. And that last part’s (Rome as it should be, all according to Rome’s own teachings, with liturgical panache: ACs’ version of Italian style) bad because...? And Protestantism (never mind that he’s in a liberal Protestant denomination) is defensible because...? He’s right that part of ACism’s charm is the liberality, not liberalism (Modernism: heavens, no!), combined with conservative liturgics. The key, and I think the Holy Father’s fit for the job, is to sift the liberality from the liberalism, and besides those coming in are consciously saying no to the latter so no problem. Saying no to Anglicanism as an ism has been many/most English ACs’ point all along. Now the Pope, in order to shore up his Catholic revival in English-speaking lands (a working model of what he wants with roots in their culture) and not primarily as an ecumenical rescue (although it is and that’s nice), is giving them a solution. BTW it’s fitting that the woman curate in the New Yorker story is at Littlemore (which I’ve been to, long ago) and is friendly with the local convert RC priests; she’s proof that Newman’s apologia was right. Patrimony, ; the Anglican tradition, no.

May procession: some of the Anglican Society of Mary last year. ‘This way, chaps!’

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