Monday, April 19, 2010

What’s right and wrong with this story?
Sorry, no link. The ‘lede’ as we call it in the newspaper biz shows you what you need to see.
Philadelphia Pentecostal clergy endorse Joe Sestak for commitment to community and public service.
I’m a (not secularist) secular (classical) liberal so of course I say for fairness’ sake (including the free public practice of religion) that religion has no direct say in government. So why should a politician try to get a denomination’s endorsement? Why should a denomination have a PAC? That said, hooray for public displays of religion. But obviously Pentecostal here is code for black. (Here Northeastern white pols are being condescending and wouldn’t tolerate this from whites.) Blacks shouldn’t be a bloc either: no collectivism in the form of identity politics. Funny how two progenies of Calvinism that didn’t like each other, the old Dutch rule in South Africa and SWPLs, want to lump people together like that.

BTW Sestak is my congressman. He was part of my last venture of trying to tactically vote Democratic (in which I voted a mostly D ticket for the first time) to cause a good change (the great referendum on Bush and the Iraq war in which the GOP deservedly lost Congress): I was being an Obamacon two years before Obama’s election. Never again. It didn’t work so of course I didn’t fall for Obama.

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