Monday, May 31, 2010

Arturo on not being played in the culture wars
In the realm of personal choice in which we live, there is enough sentimentality, ignorant bigotry, and kitsch to go around, and to condemn someone for being too superficial in what he or she believes is like saying that the levees around New Orleans would be better fortified using bubble gum.

Once that straw
piñata has been thoroughly smashed to pieces, and the conservative readers have taken away the self-esteem candy, all can go away knowing that they serve the true (Hassidic, RC, High Church Anglican... i.e. decent bourgeois) God who compliments so well free enterprise, the Protestant work ethic, and a reactionary social agenda.

I think that, in a way, Mills and Co. commit the same errors that they accuse Lady Gaga and Co. of committing. The real ground of all religion in the modern world is cosmological agnosticism. The “spiritual not religious” crowd pretends to know nothing of God so that they can do whatever they want. The “orthodox religious” crowd pretends to know God so well that they can employ him for any agenda that is in their interest, all under the pretension that it is not their will, but God‘s. In either case, God is a puppet; he is a Casper the Friendly Ghost-character who fulfils their true desires and makes them feel good about themselves.

A Catholic peasant a hundred years ago would never say that he was “spiritual but not religious”, but that did not make him a foot soldier in a culture war either.
My mailing address in the Catholic cosmos is somewhere north of his folk religion, south of the SSPX and not Novus Ordo.

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