Tuesday, May 25, 2010

As if pervasive, creeping Novus Ordofying among Eastern Catholics weren’t bad enough
It’s obvious if you don’t live in it... this joker (not an Eastern Catholic but a bishop) wants to make it worse, perhaps taking off the ecumenical mask and saying what many liberal clerics really think?
They also need pastoral and liturgical renewal. The Latin Church went through this change at the Second Vatican Council, which revolutionized its liturgy and ecclesiology and gave it a new openness to the world. The Eastern Churches are in need of a similar revolution so that they might be able to adapt and modernize and thus better meet the needs of their congregations today.
Jean speaks for me on this.

I was just thinking this morning regarding RC/Eastern Orthodox relations that it’s amazing how much each side can honestly resemble the other, from the small minority amongst Greek Catholics of liturgically correct ones (the little Russian Catholic churches in NY, which I’ve been to, LA and SF; Melkite churches; St Elias Ukrainian in Ontario... by the Orthodox books, which is what Rome wants) to the Antiochian Western Rite Orthodox (St Augustine’s, Denver, doing English Missal, the Tridentine Mass in Tudor-style English) who strongly resemble Pope Benedict’s revival effort. There’s one insurmountable issue but all that is still good to see.

Of course honest liberals would hate it.

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