Monday, May 17, 2010

‘Burning issues’ I don’t care about
  • Which country Obama was born in. I know it’s in the Constitution but it’s silly, the chances of him being foreign-born are very unlikely and although the anti-birthers seem fun to tease it’s just not worth it. He’s not the root of the problem anyway so throwing him out on a technicality wouldn’t accomplish anything.
  • Elena Kagan’s sex life. Again, how is she on the Constitution?
  • The religious make-up of the Supreme Court. Because of the First Amendment, because non-WASPs who make it that high are WASPified (SWPLified) in their views where it counts anyway and although of course I want to keep the old way’s virtues — fair play/sportsmanship, objective rule of law, duty/responsibility and at its best meritocracy — when you think about it even today the SWPLs say to Catholics, ‘It’s our country; you’re just visiting, so run along and entertain us by being vibrant while we run your lives’, so the worst of old WASPdom isn’t going away.
  • Oldline Protestants governing themselves. As long as they don’t try to take away Catholics’ self-government (for our own good, have the state call the shots... as I was saying just now, plus ça change), we’re good.

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