Thursday, May 27, 2010

Ecclesiastical bibs and bobs
  • Classic Anglo-Catholicism. From Philorthodox.
  • Infallible church and fallible church talk past each other: in the early 1990s... Catholics and Anglicans in the ARCIC debates were trying to answer two different questions. Catholic theologians ask whether a doctrine is true (and therefore should be held by all); Anglicans ask the question whether one could hold this doctrine and still be an Anglican; can this doctrine be held within the breadth of Anglicanism? Catholicism itself reduced to opinion (not to be confused with the legitimate range of opinions in Catholicism) is no longer Catholicism so no sale.
  • The Trinity, Our Lady and WASP bishops at Fr Toles’s.
  • Arturo: My grandparents could be “good Catholics”: go to their charismatic prayer meetings, and pray the rosary, all the while rubbing tomatoes on their feet to cure ailments while watching the somewhat raunchy telenovela on T.V. When I say that they weren’t “fundamentalists”, I don’t mean that they were progressive and believed in nothing. I mean that they weren’t hung up on symbols and causes: you just had to go along to get along.
  • Margaret: I see Russian girls all the time in little headscarves, short skirts and high heels and they are a joy. Young and unpretentious and in church. And what on earth is wrong with having hair and legs anyway?
  • On the Pope visiting Cyprus. The primate of the country’s Orthodox church tries to make peace. Interestingly it’s a state visit; no church talks. But that’s not good enough for some. The opinions of the crazies are indeed valid in Orthodoxy (as Fr Feeney’s are in Rome) but so are the archbishop’s. Again my line on all of this. Along with this.

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